Where to Stay in Paris: Hotel Fabric Review


If you are planning a trip to Paris and looking for the perfect boutique hotel, look no further than Hotel Fabric. I know how overwhelming it can feel choosing the perfect hotel when there are thousands of options to choose from. You have to consider price, location, amenities and more. I chose to stay at Hotel Fabric and they took these worries away. This left me more time to focus on enjoying my vacation and exploring Paris.


Hotel Fabric is a decorative yet modern hotel in the 11th arrondissement. It’s nestled in the heart of the Oberkampf District and is surrounded by plenty of things to do.

I stayed here for two nights after having moved from Hotel Moderniste, where I had stayed the prior two nights. These two properties are owned by the same hotel group and are in two completely different parts of Paris. I wanted to stay in different neighborhoods to get a more well-rounded experience on this trip. That is why I chose to relocate halfway through my stay in Paris. If you want to read about my stay at Hotel Moderniste, you can do so here.



Hotel Fabric has 4 floors and 33 rooms with a variety of sizes suited for your needs. The room sizes can accommodate between 1-4 people and will vary in price.

The room you see pictured in this blog post is a “Deluxe Room” which is meant to accommodate up to 2 people. With 24 square meters, there was more than enough space for myself and my belongings. I had a lovely courtyard window view which allowed for plenty of natural light during the day.


The bathrooms at Hotel Fabric are spacious and covered in beautiful black stone tile. There is definitely an element of elegance in the room that mixes perfectly with the contemporary décor.

The room also included two closets on either side of the bed, a mini fridge stocked with water and a large area with a desk and additional lounge seating. There is also a TV and free Wi-Fi in every room.



Hotel Fabric offers a buffet breakfast that can be added to the cost of your room for only 15 euros per person per night. Breakfast is open from 7am-11am and no reservation for the dining area is required. You will, however, be required to provide the staff your room number.

There is something to eat for everyone at the buffet regardless of any dietary restrictions. There were tons of options from pastries, fruits, vegetables, deli meats, eggs, sausage, yogurts, granolas, etc. They also offer coffee, milk and fruit juices.

Outside of breakfast hours, Hotel Fabric always has unlimited water, coffee, and pastries in the dining area. This can be especially useful if you are taking a mid-day rest at the hotel between meals.

In the evening starting at 6pm, they offer an “Honesty Bar.” Hotel guests can enjoy a selection of aperitifs, French wines and Pommery champagne. Guests can then choose to leave behind an appropriate payment or mark down what they consumed and have the hotel charge it to their room.


The Neighborhood

Hotel Fabric is in the 11th arrondissement. There is definitely a lot going on in this neighborhood compared to the neighborhood I stayed in the two nights prior, which was the 15th.

If you walk just a block in either direction, you’ll find the streets are filled with cafes, bars and restaurants. A friend of mine who lives in Paris described this neighborhood as one where people go out in. There are people dining on patios at every corner and there’s a lively buzz that you can’t ignore.


I recommend that anyone visiting Paris buy a daily transit pass for 10 euro per day. This includes rides on the bus and train within the city center. This is the most cost effective and time efficient way of getting around the city.

There are multiple metro stops within a 10-minute walk from Hotel Fabric depending on where you’re headed. There is also a bus stop less than a 5-minute walk away.

I found it relatively easy to navigate the public transit system in Paris using Google Maps. A local friend of mine also recommended the RATP app if you prefer.


Hotel Fabric has a fitness center and spa for guests to enjoy. The spa includes a eucalyptus infused steam room which was so relaxing after walking around the city for multiple days. The steam room is private, and it has a shower for you to freshen up in afterwards. Appointments for the spa should be reserved at the front desk.

Overall, I loved my experience at Hotel Fabric and can’t thank the generous staff enough for providing a wonderful stay.


15th Arrondissement
Room Type: Sizes vary; balcony option
 Breakfast add-on optional for 15€ per person per day

RELATED: If you’re visiting Paris and looking to experience staying in another neighborhood, check out my review of Hotel Moderniste here. Hotel Moderniste is owned by the same hotel group as Hotel Fabric.



*DISCLAIMER: I wrote this in partnership with Hotel Fabric. All opinions are my own.

Where to Stay in Paris: Hotel Fabric Review
Article Name
Where to Stay in Paris: Hotel Fabric Review
This blog post is a review of my stay at Hotel Fabric in Paris, France. As always, all opinions are my own.

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