Pittsburgh’s Best Instagram Spots

Your complete guide to Pittsburgh’s most Instagram worthy locations

Pittsburgh truly surprised me. Having spent my entire childhood coming here to visit family outside of the city, I think I only recall going downtown once and most of those memories have faded away.

This past Holiday season, I had plans to visit my family for a few days and finally got to spend a full day exploring downtown with no agenda. This time through the eyes of a travel blogger. Below are some of my favorite stops from the day that are all Insta worthy locations.


1501 Arch St

I honestly did not know what to classify Randyland as when I first stepped in. Part art exhibit, part museum, part unexpected territory! I discovered Randyland through a quick Google search for Pittsburgh museum’s and was immediately drawn to all the colorful, eclectic photos that I saw. My uncle actually chuckled when I told him that I went here because he said he would take my cousins all the time when they were younger. Although Randyland is free to enter, they do take donations. You don’t need to plan more than 30 minutes for your visit here.

Roberto Clemente Bridge

Downtown Pittsburgh

Did you know Pittsburgh has more bridges than any other city in the world, including Venice! While there are plenty of bridges to take photos along the Ohio and Alleghany River, the Roberto Clemente bridge is the most iconic. If you shoot your photo facing south, you will get a gorgeous backdrop of the Pittsburgh Skyline. If you shoot your photo facing north, you will get the Steeler’s (NLF) or Pirates (MBA) stadium in the background.

Allegheny Riverfront Park

Downtown Riverwalk

As a Chicagoan who spends plenty of time along the Chicago Riverwalk, nothing makes me happier than discovering pretty river walk’s in other cities too! Pittsburgh has the Ohio, Allegheny and Monongahela river’s that run through downtown and intersect right near the Steeler’s stadium. We got blessed with beautiful weather on the day we were downtown (seriously, 60 degree temps a few days after Christmas was amazing), so strolling along the river walk was just the best. The river walk spans for miles so there are plenty of places to stop and take a photo.

The Pennsylvanian Apartments

1100 Liberty Ave

I’m thankful to have discovered this location through another travel blogger who also wrote a blog piece about photo-worthy spots in Pittsburgh (Emma’s Edition.) These apartments are approximately a half mile walk from the Roberto Clemente bridge. This building used to be used as Pittsburgh’s Union Station and has since been turned into an apartment building that offers a gorgeous brick entrance.

Duquesne Hill

1197 W Carson St

This is the one part of downtown Pittsburgh that I have some memory of visiting as a child. You can take a small wooden boxcar that’s on tracks to the top of Mt. Washington for $2.50 per direction. Be prepared to pay in cash (exact cash, preferably, although they do have a change machine on site.) The view from the top is amazing and you can see pretty much all of downtown Pittsburgh. There is a gate at the top of the viewing area and the space is a bit small so you’ll have to get creative to shoot. You can see in my photo, I had to stand on top of the binocular machine to get a better angle of downtown in the background!


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