Hotel Moderniste: Paris Boutique Hotel Review


Planning a trip to Paris can be an overwhelming task. Paris is a huge city with so much to do and see as it is. Add on trying to pick the right hotel? The search can feel endless.

Hotel Moderniste was the perfect place to stay, and they helped make my trip planning process much smoother. The following blog post is all about my stay at Hotel Moderniste in Paris, France.


Hotel Moderniste in Paris is a contemporary, boutique hotel located in the 15th arrondissement. It’s on a quieter street in a charming part of the neighborhood. As soon as my taxi driver pulled up to the front door, I already felt immersed in the beautiful Parisian architecture that surrounded me.

Hotel Moderniste is a brand new, 4-star hotel and after having such an incredible stay, I can see why. I stayed at Hotel Moderniste for two nights then moved to Hotel Fabric, which is a sister property owned by the same hotel group. Hotel Fabric is in another neighborhood, and I wanted to experience staying in different parts of the city. You can read more about Hotel Fabric here.


Hotel Moderniste has 7 floors (if you’re American, you may consider the hotel having 8 floors since in Europe they call the ground level floor 0.) I was lucky enough to stay on the top floor which provided incredible views of the surrounding city.

The room sizes vary from “Small” which is meant for 1-2 people to “Family Room” which can accommodate up to 5 people. There are 40 rooms on the property so its never too loud or busy in the common areas.

The room that I stayed in and that you see pictured in this blog post was a “Small” room. It provided more than enough space as a solo traveler. It also had a private balcony terrace facing the street which was my favorite part. Each morning I was able to relax on the terrace while the sun was starting to come up and it so beautiful.

Other amenities in the room included a mini-fridge, a full desk and workspace and toiletries in the washroom.



Hotel Moderniste offers a buffet breakfast that can be added to the cost of your room for only 15 euros per person per night. This is an incredible deal considering you might pay more to dine out elsewhere. It also helped me save time in the morning before heading out for a busy day exploring.

The food options were consistent with European buffets I’ve seen in the past. There were tons of options from pastries, fruits, vegetables, deli meats, eggs, sausage, yogurts, granolas, etc. They also offer coffee and fruit juices. The buffet is all you can eat so you really cannot leave this meal still hungry.

Outside of breakfast hours, they always have unlimited water, coffee, and pastries that guests can take at their leisure. This was especially useful when I would come back to my hotel between meals and needed a quick snack.



The Neighborhood

I mentioned before that Hotel Moderniste is in the 15th arrondissement which is an incredibly charming neighborhood. There are plenty of places to shop or dine at within the 15th itself.

The neighborhood felt very safe, and I felt fine walking home alone at night even after sunset. I live in downtown Chicago, so I’m used to walking around big cities at night and can say that this neighborhood felt no different.

Metro Station

I recommend purchasing a daily train pass to make good use of your time each day. For perspective, it’s only a 30-minute walk from Hotel Moderniste to the Eiffel Tower but you’ll likely want to visit multiple places in the same day which is why I recommend taking the train for faster navigation.

The daily pass is 10 euros and includes rides on the bus. The closest metro stop is a 4-minute walk from Hotel Moderniste and taking the train helped save so much time in my busy schedule.

The Staff

The staff at Hotel Moderniste were wonderful. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted and quickly checked into my room. They gave me a quick tour of the common area including the location where breakfast would be served. I was a bit nervous traveling to Paris alone not speaking any French but everyone I interacted with at the hotel spoke English which made it really easy to communicate and put me at ease.

I absolutely loved Hotel Moderniste in Paris and look forward to returning someday.


15th Arrondissement
Room Type: Sizes vary; balcony option
Breakfast add-on optional for 15€ per person per day

RELATED: If you’re visiting Paris and looking to experience staying in another neighborhood, check out my review of Hotel Fabric here. Hotel Fabric is owned by the same hotel group as Hotel Moderniste.



*DISCLAIMER: I wrote this in partnership with Hotel Moderniste. All opinions are my own.

Hotel Moderniste: Paris Boutique Hotel Review
Article Name
Hotel Moderniste: Paris Boutique Hotel Review
This blog post is a review of my stay at Hotel Moderniste in Paris, France. As always, all opinions are my own.

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