My 5 Must-Have Accessories For Spring & Summer

Looking to add some accessories to your closet this Summer but not sure where to start? Read on!

We’ve all been there ladies. You’re getting ready to start your day, you’re staring straight into your closet at a hundred different choices and you’re thinking, “I have absolutely nothing to wear”. How could we have so many options but struggle to throw something together? It’s not that I don’t have any cute clothes, I have plenty! I have formal dresses, cocktail dresses, summer dresses, skirts, skorts, jumpers, rompers, jeans galore and more tanks than I know what to do with. I have blazers and cardigans and stuff that I probably forgot I even owned buried at the bottom of it all.

Of course I’d love to be the girl that walks around in flowy dresses, high heels, dressed to the nines every day, but honestly I’m too lazy, too busy and kinda too cheap to put that much effort into my daily routine. I’ve always been a proponent of the whole less is more thing. You really can rock that casual look and jazz it up with 1-2 simple accessories and look like you’re ready to take on the town. And thanks to things like Amazon prime, I can get these accessories dirt-cheap delivered to my doorstep in 2 days.

I wanted to share with you guys my 5 must-have accessories for Spring and Summer in my closet right now. These were all my lifesavers this summer, especially on those days when I just had nothing to wear but jeans and tee.


Statement Earrings

Let’s start with the basics. A few years back, statement necklaces were all the rave. Now, statement earrings have taken that title. Up until recently, I was wearing the same 5 pairs of dangling earrings since college. I knew it was time to refresh my collection. I found so many cute options, including the ones you see in this photo, for under $10 on Amazon. Some that I purchased are staples that you can match with just about anything and some are the kind that I’ll have to save for a certain kind of outfit. Plus you can’t beat that price!


Summer Hat

I’ll admit there was a time when I thought hats were going out of style. Phew, false alarm. I only had a couple in my collection and they sat on a side table in my room collecting dust. I’m so happy that hats are a still a thing! When you have hair as long as mine & you live in the Windy City, something needs to keep it tame. Not sure how to store all of your hats? One of my favorite Instagram influencers showed a snap of her bedroom with all of them hanging on the wall in no particular order or fashion. They just made up a giant collage of hats and it was adorable!


Hair Scarf

I saw girls wearing these all over Instagram and knew I had to hop on the bandwagon. We all have those lazy days where hair in a ponytail is a must but now we have the option to jazz up that basic pony? Sign me up! What I love most about these hair wraps is how versatile they are. You can wrap it directly around your ponytail like you see in this photo, wear your hair in a bun and use the scarf to hold it in place or wrap the scarf around your whole head like a headband. You choose! I got this 2-pack of XL scarves from Amazon here.


Bold Lip Color

Who ever said your accessories have to be clothes? Definitely not me! Bold, fun lipstick colors are not only fun to play around with but are also great for making a statement when you walk in the room. Every time my mom sees a picture of me on social media with a bold color on, she tells me to stick to red but I say no way! Plus now that fall is coming, we’ll start to see darker, more dramatic colors on trend, which are my favorite!


Low Heels

Low key, low heels have kinda been my jam lately. Adios, high heels! It makes it look like I tried while feeling like I didn’t. I still reap the benefits that heels usually provide – feeling taller (I’m 5′ 4″), making my legs look longer, looking dressed up – but I don’t have to bear the uncomfortable reality that is stilettos or 4-inch pumps all day. I found these blue ones at Marshall’s earlier this summer for $12, winning! So when I’m roaming around Chicago all weekend long, looking for good photo locations, I can rest easy knowing I won’t kill my feet all day.

Do you have any fav accessories for Summer to add to this list? Leave them in the comments below!


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